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Giggle Booth Takeover

In 2019 we took over the Suffolk and Norfolk franchise from Bill.

Successfully taking over all booths until the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of March 2021 we have taken over the contracts of former Giggle Booth Essex and Hertfordshire from Peter. Peter was looking to exit the business he ran successfully for 5 years. As we are experienced in the Giggle Booth franchise we felt this would a perfect fit ensuring customers were not  down for when events could get back to normal and growing our company. We now have a type of booth for every occasion!

 We have taken over all the GB Essex and Herts contracts and we will be able to fulfil them as your contracts state.

Providing the same great service, along with all the perks the Giggle Booth franchise included such as guest books, key rings etc.

For specific queries on the Giggle Booth takeover please email: